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Custom Printed Guitar Picks & Accessories

Promote yourself, your brand, your business, your shop or your event! allows you to realize your creativity without limitations.
KILLPICK is launching a new online service that allows you to make picks and accessories with custom graphics. Through, you can have unlimited creativity with an infinite variety of resolution and colors: 

  • Printing is in full color plus white,
  • The highest quality picks made of celluloid, Derlin, nylon, polycarbonate and metal, and
  • Real playable picks - not just plastic imitations.

The high print resolution allows you to print in high definition at a low price, including for small quantities.
Through the website you can see your graphics in full screen, print your pick design, and verify your final proof.

Picks are available in 3 different kinds of shapes

Style 351
classic teardrop

Style Jazz “small teardrop": a favorite of jazz musicians and shredders

Style 346
large rounded triangle



Our most popular picks are made of the following materials: celluloid, in a variety of "pretty colors",Delrin, nylon, polycarbonate, felt, steel, brass and copper. From materials to shapes and colors, our high level of design choices allow musicians to create their own unique pick.



The materials come in a variety of colors, including: white, black, red, blue, orange and all other primary colors. From rainbow finishes to

fantastic transparent plastic picks a.k.a. "crystal", from a transparent polycarbonate to an opaque nylon! as well as offering a custom service, also has an wide catalog of "Killpick" guitar picks and accessories. Browse the site and discover the world Killpick!